Implementation of KSEF with Uptime ERP

The basic premise of the solution for handling KSEF provided by Uptime ERP is to minimize the involvement of the invoice issuer in the SAP system in the process of sending invoices to KSEF. Invoices generated in the taxpayer’s SAP system and resulting in a journal entry will be securely transmitted to KSEF via an encrypted API connection through a background task set up in the taxpayer’s SAP system.

Why choose KSEF from Uptime ERP?


We do not modify standard SAP system tables – this helps us avoid later issues with SAP updates and any problems with KSeF functioning after an update.


Data from SAP is transmitted directly to KSeF without using external servers, which is a common practice among competitors and has a significant impact on security.


Handling the sending and receiving of documents entirely within SAP – without the need to log in to external user portals, compatibility with SAP ECC and S/4HANA.


Complete documentation and instructions for KSeF UpTime ERP, with the ability to handle custom functions that override the standard logic for assigning values to invoice fields.


Experience supported by implementations for clients of solutions such as JKP_VAT, whitelist, etc.

What sets apart the Uptime ERP’s KSeF solution?

Uptime ERP’s KSeF Offering

  • Software for handling KSeF along with a license
  • Implementation of the KSeF solution in the SAP system
  • Ongoing maintenance of the solution
  • Technical documentation and end-user instructions
  • Training for KSeF solution operation

10 Years of Experience in Implementing Local Adjustments

With 10 years of experience in providing adaptations to local legal requirements, we have conducted hundreds of implementation projects across various industries and SAP system versions. Our experience is evidenced by the adaptations we have prepared so far, including:

    • Jednolity Plik Kontrolny (Unified Control File)
    • Biała Lista (White List)
    • Walidator NIP (Tax Identification Number Validator)
    • Zatory Płatnicze (Payment Backlogs)
    • Płatności według MPP tzw. split payment (Payments according to the Multi-Stage Payment Mechanism, commonly known as split payment)

Sławomir Dominiczak

SAP FI/CO Expert

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